Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now we have comments

Got something to say? Say it!

Need something covered on the blog? - articles, items of interest to members, upcoming events. Almost anything can be posted. Leave a comment and we can work out how to get your content on - you can leave your email address, the moderator is the only one who will see it and it will be removed before posting to maintain your privacy.

Comments are primarily a response to the previous article, but can contain any info.
Articles should have a positive aspect for BHA members. You don't need to be a BHA member, but all comments will be moderated for relevance to members.


Your email address will never be divulged to anyone and never sold to mailing lists. Your identity won't be divulged by default - I may just use your initials to give you credit for an article. Or if you want to be contactable, say so.

A couple of provisos

  • I do expect a certain amount of posting spam - these will be discarded and spammers details reported to Google.
  • We won't be endorsing this firm or that company, but if you have a product of interest, review it and we can post it.

More ideas
  • Movie reviews
  • Where to get cheap hearing aid batteries
  • What to do about recycling [I'm looking for info, if anyone has any sources...]
  • Your latest holiday snap masterpiece

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