Friday, November 20, 2009

Who is the Blogmeister?

It's me, John Couani

You may know me from your lip-reading classes. You may never have heard of me before.

I have been completely deaf since 31 July 2008 - I woke up without hearing. It had been going downhill  for a year or two but finally fell off the cliff that fateful day. I had used hearing aids for a year or so.  Luckily I was able to get into the cochlear implant program and received my first one in October 2008. Switch-on was in November 2008. I'm in the lead-up to implant #2 in January 2010.

I also run a few other blogs - one about my deafness 'journey' called "Curse of Silence" which you may be interested in.

My 'thing' is about helping people who may be isolated because of their hearing deficit. Communication is the name of the game. I heard a story via BHA of a man who is deaf and lives in Dubbo where I expect facilities are light on the ground. How can this fellow communicate? How can he function as a member of society? It falls to organisations such as BHA to support people like this fellow.

My expertise and use of the Internet is the thing that has helped me immeasurably and I intend to try to spread that notion as far and as wide as I can to help those behind the curtain of deafness. Thats why I suggested this blog and Facebook page.

Feel like lending a hand?
I'm always on the lookout for content, be it an article from the news, a new facility which deaf people might find useful [let alone usable]. So if you have something let me have it - send a web address, or type something up. If it's something we can benefit from then it will be posted!

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