Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You read it in Whispers

Thats right - BHA[Syd] has a blog page and you have found it!!

Now, I neglected to add my deafness blog address to the article.
That blog's name is "Curse of Silence" and the address is

I try to keep it up to date with things as they happen to me, and something may be useful to you if you or someone you know is deaf or on the way. I'll also report on items which might be important - submissions due for this or that government working party. Some of these items may also be included in the BHA blog as well.

Feel free to visit Curse of Silence - you can leave me a comment if there's something there which interests or you just want to say "Hi"

And come back here anytime too. Leave a comment.
Also - see "Tell someone, anyone" to the right, you can spread the BHA word to those who need to know, via email, Facebook any number of conduits...

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