Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CICADA dates on the Calendar

CICADA dates
Future picnics in 2010
13 June, 15 August, 4 October
Committee meetings in 2010
31 March, 11 June, 13 August, 24 October

As an adjunct to this blog there is a calendar, accessible via the links to the right, or just remember this link - - Easy to look up and see whats happening in the coming weeks and months.

Anything missing?
Is there an event that Better Hearing members and friends need to know about? Leave a comment or email me, and we'll get the event on the blog! I do peruse Whispers magazine and Wojjsay newsletter so the events listed in those are further

And don't forget the call for content - anything interesting to say for our members. Campaigns for access, upcoming events, articles. Go for it!

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