Monday, March 29, 2010

iView gets Captions

It's been a long time coming but ABC-TV has announced that all prime-time programs will be captioned from 30 March 2010 (as reported in the Guide, Sydney Morning Herald 29 March 2010)

This is something I have written letters, sent email, basically made myself annoying for. I'll check it out and report back...

Good one ABC!

- iP


  1. Today I have seen captions on iView!! And they were pretty good. The live captions on the Lateline program were a little slow, but they were live [the captioner listens then types - amazing].
    On a prerecorded program 'Traffic Blues' they were almost perfect. Lovely irish lilty accent on the soundtrack too!

    Applause ABCTV iView!!

  2. And another thing
    iiNet subscribers can view iView without incurring download traffic penalties
    Sorry about that Telstra clients!!