Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decision re provision of captions

The Australian Human Rights Commission has handed-down its decision on
the application by cinema chains for a moratorium on complaints
regarding captions and audio description.

The Commission has not
released its complete report yet, but will do so "shortly".
HREOC website

Feel like getting involved in the campaign to
encourage cinemas to provide access? In Facebook, search "action cinema
access" and join the group, for the latest updates and campaigns.

Want to read some submissions? Have a look at the Arts Access Victoria website...

Monday, April 12, 2010

CICADA at SCIC, with Deafness Forum

Nicole Lawder and Alex Jones from Deafness Forum were introduced.

They gave a presentation about the Deafness Forum and the many issues in which they advocate deaf and hearing-impaired rights.
There are so many issues - captions on TV, in cinemas, accessibility for hearing impaired people in airports and aeroplanes, to name just a very few.

Got a complaint? Lodge a complaint! Tell the deafness forum.

Check the website, Join.

- iP