Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Audioloops on CityRail

Recently I undertook to contact CityRail regarding the provision of audioloops on some trains. After a pathetic response from CityRail which amounted to "Have a look at the website" I then caught several trains, Burwood - Epping - Hornsby - Central
For more information about RailCorp fleet go to
The newer Oscar and Millennium [Waratah coming] trains are the audiolooped trainsets

The Epping - Hornsby train did indeed have the loop and it worked quite well. Announcements on the platform were well, hopeless. And I do understand that manned ticket offices may also be looped.

So further to all that I discovered that there is a booklet called "access, accessing CityRail, Your guide to accessible services", some of the contents of which are available on various webpages starting at
but the booklet has all the info in one little booklet. There will be a few copies available at BHA HQ from Monday May24


Comments anyone?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Article about stem cell research

Here's a link to an article about stem cell research which might one day help those who have lost the little tiny hairs in the inner ears. The little hairs are naturally part of the hearing mechanism. Losing them affects your ability to hear.

London Daily Mail

- iP

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hearing Health in Australia - Report released

As reported by the Deafness Forum
click here for the full item
"The Senate Community Affairs References Committee has tabled its report on the inquiry into Hearing Health in Australia"

for a copy of the report - I couldnt find it on the website, but will report the link if I can locate it

News just in [14 May]
The address of the full report is
Careful - it is 150 pages or so