Friday, January 28, 2011

CICADA dates for 2011, Sydney

Morning Teas are held every first Thursday of the month at SCIC Gladesville

Social Functions are scheduled for
February 13, April 3, June 5, August 14 and October 30
and feature a BBQ, guest speakers and socialising with other implants and their families.

13 February - "How to harness today's technology to improve your hearing"
Get the most from your iPad/iPhone/iPod with Michael Harrison, teacher of the deaf
and Monica Bray [SCIC] give the low-down on AudioBooks


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tinnitus is the result of the brain trying, but failing, to repair itself

An interesting article...
ScienceDaily (Jan. 15, 2011) — "Tinnitus appears to be produced by an unfortunate confluence of structural and functional changes in the brain, say neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC)."

Tinnitus is the result of the brain trying, but failing, to repair itself

Friday, January 14, 2011

QLD flood funds raising

By now you'll know there's a disaster underway, way up north.

Here's some links

You may wish to donate some money.

Queensland Govt fund - phone, internet banking, send a cheque or various banks [list on the page]



Givit - Donate goods via this site - Brisbane and SE QLD only so far


Latest QLD government info website

Personal captions at Broadway Hoyts

Hoyts Broadway has made its personal captions system (CaptiView) available. Each patron leaves a deposit but gets their own individual caption screen.
There is an article on the Media Access website outlining the procedures and reviews the experience.

have a look!

Link to Media Access article


Location:Broadway shopping centre broadway NSW AU

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sydney Festival, January 8 - 30 2011

It's on!
This is our city in summer

Program guide [pdf]

YouTube channel

Access page

Start the New Year

Here's a couple of links to get the ball rolling

Lurnea's Onita Thornton, 95, is oldest surviving deaf student
Liverpool Leader
If she can, you can

Driving with the top down could make you deaf
Solution - when in the Maserati [or Porsche, or Ferrari], wear your fluffy ear muffs. Problem Solved!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Music poll

Hi there
Over at my other blog I've made a little poll about hearing impairment and music. Feel like spending 10 seconds and filling in the poll?

Your email address will be retained for no purpose other than to advise you of results, when there's enough.

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