Sunday, February 6, 2011

CaptiView at Hoyts Broadway

I went to Hoyts to escape the heat and to see "True Grit" a Coen brothers movie.
There is a system in use there called CaptiView which allows you to see personal subtitles. The device is mounted temporarily in the drink holder in your armrest. During this introductory time they have a technician bring you the device when you take your seat. The screen is on a flexible arm and you position it so you can see the screen and the captions at the same time.
It works very well.

I can recommend this new system most highly. What we need is more session availability and more movies. I understand that this is underway.

Anyone else used it?
Let us know what you think - leave a comment!

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  1. And the movie was another triumph for those Coen boys!!

  2. Hi, Im the Engineering Manager at Hoyts and am working on rolling out Captiview and other accessible cinema intiatives across Australia and New Zealand. I'm glad you enjoyed using the system and can confirm this will be making its way to both more sessions at Broadway and other Hoyts locations in the near future.

  3. Brad
    I think I can speak for all Hearing-Impaired people, not just BHA members and say "Keep up the good work!"